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Monday, April 6, 2015

New Beginnings

Chick's Beach, Virginia - Courtesy of Flickr user Jeff Self

Things have definitely changed for our household over the past few weeks.  I know I basically just got done telling you all how busy we've been since we've been back in Alabama, but now, of course, things have gotten even crazier!  I'm beginning to think we can't do anything but crazy, haha.

Back when Mr. L retired from the military, he and I came up with what I thought was a pretty decent "life plan" to get us through at least the next year or so.  We would live with my parents, I would find a decent job, and we'd save enough money to be able to rent (or buy) a place of our own eventually in our shared hometown.  However, as it usually does, life had other plans in store for us.

Mr. L was contacted by a friend in the military about a potential job opening in Virginia Beach with a civilian company.  We were a little taken aback, but we figured more information couldn't hurt.  Plus I assumed that nothing would come of it, and I think Mr. L probably did too.  

But the more information we got about it, the more perfect the position seemed to be.  Eventually we felt like it was written specifically for him!  It also didn't hurt that the recruiter was VERY interested in Mr. L and was contacting him quite frequently.  After some intense discussion with our families over the course of a few days, Mr. L and I made the joint decision to take a leap of faith and go for it.

Then a couple of weeks later, Mr. L officially got the job!  I was and am still so, so proud of him.  It's going to be a difficult path for us with his illness, but we felt like it was the right move not only for his career but for our future as a family.

So for the past few weeks, we have been knee-deep in moving AGAIN.  (Did you know I've officially moved 7 times in 5 years now?  Um, crazy.)  Unfortunately we'll still be in the transition process (AKA hotel livin') for longer than I really want, but that's the right decision for us even though it sucks.  Eventually we'll be settled and all the hard work will be worth it!

It also kind of sucks that we weren't back in Alabama for very long.  We kept thinking we had so much more time to spend with friends and family that we didn't get to see everyone we wanted to or do everything we wanted.  I guess we'll just have to save those memories for the next time we visit.  At least you can drive from Virginia to Alabama, right??  Definitely not like Hawaii!  :)

I'm hoping to keep everything here on the blog running pretty smoothly, but I may have brief hiatuses every now and then while we get settled.  I do have scheduled posts coming so I'll at least have some new content out soon.  I hope you guys stick around through at least one more move with me!  But until next time, aloha :)

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