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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Settling In

The past two months have been SUCH a whirlwind!  We've done so much and seen so much and gone to so many places that I am exhausted.  To recap: we visited two other islands, we moved out of our house and passed Forest City's dreaded move-out inspection, Mr. L retired from the Navy after 11 years of exemplary service, we said goodbye to the place where we spent the majority of our marriage, we traveled 13 hours (ish) back to our hometowns, moved in with my parents, celebrated Christmas, received our household goods shipment, took a road trip to Florida, took another road trip to Atlanta to pick up our (damaged) car, began the claims process with IAL, had a baby shower, started seeing doctors, and I started applying for jobs. PHEW!  That was too much to even type, much less live!!  Haha.

Waikiki Beach on our last day on Oahu
Looking back, we probably should have taken it much more easy and gone with a later retirement date.  But with the holidays coming up, we wanted to seize the opportunity to spend Christmas with our families.  Otherwise, it would have been our fourth Christmas in a row that we'd have missed with them and the thought of that really just made us sad.  But it was such a taxing experience overall.  I'm just glad we're past the tough parts now.

For now, our future is a total blank page, which is quite strange.  We've never had this kind of open road ahead of us before.  It's always been planned for us, from our wedding to Mr. L staying in the Navy for 20 years to having kids 5 years into our marriage, so it's definitely a scary time for the both of us.  We have many, many hopes, but few concrete plans.  Hopefully our path begins to reveal itself as soon as possible!

In the meantime, get ready for me to detail many of the places we've seen in the past year, from the Big Island to Kauai to good old Oahu once again.  I've got a lot to talk about, so I hope you all are still going to stick around for it!  Aloha for now!

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