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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And it Comes Back to Us: We Toss and the Reception Ends

When we were finished playing some wedding games we'd planned out, we gathered all of the single ladies and single men for the bouquet and garter tosses.

The girls and I were up first...looks like the competition was getting pumped up!

I love this shot so much, haha!  They were fighting for the bouquet and it was hilarious!  Mr. L's sister ended up catching it and we declared her the winner!

I then sat down in a chair and Mr. L took off the garter, stood up with his back to the line of guys, and launched it in the air.

 I suppose that's a bunch of guys for you -- staring at the garter and hoping you're not the one to catch it!  Our friend Kevin was the lucky fellow for this toss.  And look at that catch -- so smooth.  He's a total pro.

We gathered up both winners and then posed with them for a victory picture:

Luckily for them we didn't make them do anything embarrassing afterwards haha.  When we were planning what to do, we figured that just the tosses alone would be fine -- no need for the guy to put the garter on the girl.  It felt like it could end up being very awkward!

After the tosses, everyone talked, drank, and danced for about another hour or so.  It was so much fun getting to talk to so many of our loved ones and see how much fun they were having.

It's not a wedding without the Cha Cha Slide!
Hello memories of middle school, good to see you again!
Eventually the majority of our guests had left, and with their departure came the end of the night.  Mr. L and I helped our families load up the vehicles with all of the wedding decorations and food, then we grabbed our own basket of goodies from our caterers (which was such a wonderful thing to have -- we were starving when we got to our hotel!) and headed off into the night.

We didn't have a traditional "everyone watch us as we leave" getaway, mainly because I honestly never even thought of doing it.  I really liked how our evening ended though.  With everything our families did to put together such a beautiful and amazing wedding, it was the least we could do to help after the party was over, plus we had the opportunity to talk about what a great night it was.  I would do it over again the same way without hesitation, for sure.  =)

I'll be back tomorrow for one more post, which talks about the little details of the wedding and of course commemorates my and Mr. L's two year wedding anniversary!


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