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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And it Comes Back to Us: The Details

Now that the recaps are finally finished (and I managed to do it by our second anniversary, which is today, yay!), I wanted to do one last post to showcase some of the little details of the wedding that I may or may not have already shown.  Let's start!

Up first is a better look at our ceremony and reception site, the Kirk House.  This is the view I had when I walked under the arbor and down the aisle:

And this is another view of all of the tables set up for the reception.  I loved the lanterns hanging in the trees; I think it made it a bit more whimsical and definitely brighter!

Now let's move on to the flowers, one of my favorite parts of the wedding.  This is a picture of my bouquet -- I had pink roses, yellow lilies, and orange dahlias, and I absolutely loved it.  It brought a wonderful vibrancy to my dress and all of the pictures it was in.  My MOH's bouquet also had similar flowers.

The rest of our flowers kept the same color pattern, like our aisle decorations:

Our arch:

Close up of the arch flowers

And our reception table centerpieces:

The flowers absolutely came out just as I'd hoped.  I loved all of the beautifully bright colors against the green backdrop of the lawn and trees.

My card box was also a big favorite of my wedding details.  Although we spent a bit more money on it, I felt it was worth it.  Nowadays it stays in our bedroom on top of a bookcase and it holds cards we get throughout the year from our families.

One delicious brainchild of my mom was the candy buffet she insisted we have:

We had SO many varieties of candy -- it was amazing!  And she managed to color coordinate everything with the rest of the wedding.  I loved it, but we really had a ton of candy left over.  So if you're looking to do a candy buffet too and want a lot of variety like you see here, do NOT buy a lot of it!  Well, unless you happen to enjoy candy leftovers for months like we ended up having, haha =)

I love these adorable letter dishes.  So cute!

Here are my wedding day shoes -- another instance of wanting pops of bright color all around me.  I love seeing the peek of pink in a lot of our pictures!  The shoes were dyed to match my MOH's dress (and her shoes were also pink).

And the final detail I'll share in this post are our wedding bands!  My band matches my engagement ring (half-eternity with diamonds and milgrain edges) and Mr. L's wedding band (a tungsten band with Celtic crosses engraved on it as a tribute to his Scottish heritage).  I smile every time I see our rings now, whether in person or in a picture.  =)

 And that is it!  I am finally finished with wedding recaps, yay!  Thanks for hanging in there everyone, and I also want to wish my wonderful and amazing husband a happy two year wedding anniversary.  I love you, Mr. L!


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