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Monday, January 9, 2012

DIY Photo Coasters

For this past Christmas, I wanted to do a little something for my and Mr. L's families that not only was crafted by hand but also showcased a little of Hawaii.  While I was mulling over ideas in my head, I remembered something I'd seen on Pinterest that I thought was really neat:  DIY Photo Coasters.

I used a combination of tutorials, the above linked one being one of them, and set to my task of making homemade photo coasters.

First I assembled my supplies: 
  • Mod Podge and a sponge brush (I didn't want to go out and buy another bottle of MP, so instead of using glossy, which I should have, I just stuck with the matte) 
  • 8 white ceramic tiles (19 cents each at Home Depot, woo!)
  • Assorted pictures of my choosing (these were all shots I'd taken around Oahu so far)
  • As well as acrylic sealer, which I didn't snap a picture of (sorry!)
Then I began my project by liberally applying Mod Podge to the back of the pictures...

And then affixing them to the front glossy sides of the tiles.

Then I again liberally applied Mod Podge, this time over the entire picture.  

I repeated each coat probably four to five times (while allowing to thoroughly dry over the course of about 36 hours), just to make sure the pictures were not going anywhere.  Afterwards, Mr. L got out the acrylic spray and took these bad boys out onto the back porch, where he gave them a good three to four coats, again, to be on the safe side.

I think they turned out pretty beautifully, and our family members really seemed to like them, especially after they realized the pictures were all ones I'd taken!

Did you do any DIY presents for the holidays?  If so, tell me about them below!

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