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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And it Comes Back to Us: The Girls Get Prettified

After doing what I could to help set up some elements of the wedding, my hairdresser told me we'd better start on my hair before any more time passed by.  I agreed with her, and upstairs we went!

It was mostly quiet while we sat in the roomy middle area near the top of the stairs.  My mother was very busy setting up the decorations outside, and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law hadn't arrived yet.  I definitely enjoyed having a little quiet time while my hairdresser and I politely yet excitedly talked about the day ahead.

(Clips of me getting my hair done from our wedding video)
 Before I knew it, my bobby pins were in place and I got my last douse of hairspray.  My hairdresser claimed me fit for bridal duty, and she then moved on to my mother's (who had finally come up from outside!) and my grandmother's hair.

By that time, Mr. L's family arrived, and I eagerly hugged them hello.

Mr. L's beautiful sister and me, about to start putting on our makeup!
I then gave Mr. L's grandmother, mother, and sister as well as my grandmother, mother, and SIL their wedding gifts from me and Mr. L.  I found some beautiful poems personalized for each lady and added a pretty hanky so they could dab away at those happy tears.  Since my SIL was my MOH, I gave her something a little extra -- a beautiful purse in one of her favorite colors.

After I'd given out gifts, it was time to get my makeup done!  My MOH was my makeup artist for the day, and I absolutely love the naturally beautiful look she gave me.

When we were finished putting on makeup, then it was time to slip into my dress!  I don't actually have any pictures of this (my photographer was MIA...<sigh>), but my videographers were there to at least capture my amazing friend Bonnie fixing my bustle =)

After my dress was zipped up, it was time for me to grab my bouquet and start doing some bridal portraits!


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