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Sunday, October 17, 2010

California, Here We Come!

This week, Mr. L and I will be taking an awesome vacation to California!

For about seven days, we'll traverse nearly the entire state on one giant road trip extravaganza.  You see, way back in May, a couple of weeks before we got married, Mr. L and I landed an opportunity to attend one of the biggest gathering of nerds in the U.S -- Blizzcon.  Basically, it is a convention for a gaming company's products (click the link for more info).

On the second day of tickets sales, we entered an online queue that ended up being about 30,000 people long.  My super-amazing and lightning fast clicking skills put me at around 1600 in line, guaranteeing us three tickets to Blizzcon (our friend Joe will be rounding out our party)!  Since this is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of trip, we definitely could not pass it up.

God, that total price hurts my heart...
So on Tuesday, Mr. L and I will be flying to northern California to meet up with our friend Joe, and the next day we will commence on a road trip that will probably span two days and end up taking us to just north of Los Angeles and Anaheim (where the convention will be held on Friday and Saturday).  We are very excited!

I'll admit, though, I don't think I'll be very entertained when we're actually at the con.  I've played my fair share of World of Warcraft, but I've been very lax about it lately and I think I won't be into the content at all.  But I'm really hoping I will get psyched once we're there and experiencing the craziness.  And let me tell you, it WILL be crazy with 25 or 30 thousand people there!

Oh joy, huge crowds of people!
I'm looking most forward to the road trip from Sacramento to Anaheim, to be honest.  I love road trips, and I think it will be an absolutely gorgeous drive down the coast (at least Joe keeps reassuring me it will be!)  In my head, the con is more for the guys and the road trip is my special thing :)

This part does look pretty!
So for now, I'll be MIA until I can get a full post of our awesome adventures with pictures put up here.  'Til next time!  :)

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