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Sunday, October 31, 2010

BlizzCon 2010, Part One: Journey to the West Coast

Hey y'all!  Mr. L and I made it back safe and sound from our vacation, and after some much-needed downtime last week, it's time for a recap!

We left Pensacola around 6:30pm on Tuesday the 19th after a bit of a mix-up with our flight -- meaning Mr. L forgot to check his email to make sure our trip was squared away, so we didn't get the notification that our flight was rescheduled for 3pm that day.  We ended up discovering this helpful tidbit of information after we arrived at the airport around 5:00pm!

Reminder: ALWAYS check your email or phone for flight notifications!  :\
Luckily we were able to be rerouted into San Francisco instead of Sacramento, and also just-as-luckily our friend Joe was able to pick us up in San Francisco that evening.
So with that awesome start to a cross-country trip, Mr. L and I went through security and waited a little while until the plane was ready to be boarded.  I snapped pictures to pass the time:

I think he was dreading the flight!
When it was time to go, we noticed that the plane was basically a toy model of what a real plane should look like:

Okay, maybe not as tiny as this plane, but it was very small!
It wasn't a bad flight at all by any means though, thank goodness.  Mr. L and I are pretty much used to tiny planes since they are basically the only kind that flies out of our local airports.

After we got on our tiny toy plane, I took some more obligatory iPhone photos so we could always remember the beginning of our awesome Blizzcon vacation!

He's probably annoyed with my picture taking...
After an hour and a half flight into Houston, we barely had enough time to sprint across the airport, hop on the inter-terminal train, and run some more before our next flight left for San Francisco.  We made it though, even if those amazing moving sidewalks were nowhere to be found :(

Our flight into San Francisco was pretty boring and long -- it seemed longer than a four hour flight at the time.  I was really excited at first because when we got to our seats, I noticed that DirectTV satellite was on every TV!  Then I saw it was only available after you paid six bucks -- definitely not worth it.  I opted to watch a couple of Big Love episodes on my iPhone instead while Buck read some of his book or attempted to nap in the rather uncomfortable seats.  We killed enough time and eventually landed in the Golden Gate City!

San Francisco
Our friend Joe met us at the airport and helped us take our luggage out to the car.  Then we began the 2 to 2 1/2 hour drive to Sacramento, where we were originally supposed to fly into.  It felt like a long drive, mainly because I was exhausted and I know Mr. L was too.  I stayed awake though, possibly because I was pretty stupid and ended up losing my contact in my eye.  Yep -- I was starting to get a bad headache, and I figured that my contacts were the culprit.  So I tried to take them out in the car in the dark with no mirror.  I'm brilliant, what can I say.  I thought I ended up losing it in the car originally, but it rolled back into place over my pupil while I was sleeping -- a definite answered prayer!

Anyways, moving on from that tangent...even though Joe is a pretty crazy driver, we managed to make it to his house where we happily crashed for the rest of the evening.

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