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Friday, May 8, 2015

Ten for Friday

I'm sorry I missed last week!  Hopefully five additional reasons will make it up to you <3

1.  I can't believe we'll have been married for FIVE years in one week.  Ahh!!

2.  Catching up with old friends is always so nice!

3.  It feels like our days are so short during the week between you working and me working in the evenings.  I'm just glad we have the weekends to recharge!

4.  I know you are soooooo ready for furniture because I am too!!

5.  So much for those camp chairs hanging in there, haha.  Our first casualties!

6.  I am definitely ready to get out and explore some of this area.  It looks like there's tons to do!

7.  I'm excited about getting a grill!!  I can't wait to have one of your delicious steaks again :)

8.  Thank you for taking care of me yet again <3  You're so awesome!

9.  Thinking about the future is kind of scary...it'll be fun to see how it all unfolds!

10.  I'm glad we're playing a game together again.  It's been nice!

ily <3

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