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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Retirement Day

Mr. L, 

Today is your retirement day!  I am going to be honest -- it's so strange saying something like that.  We're both so young!!  You just turned 29!  Our lives are just getting started!  But that is the hand we have been dealt, so c'est la vie.

It's the truth, you know.  Our lives are just getting started.  We both still have so much to see, do, and experience together.  The Navy was an incredible chapter of your life that you got to share with me.  Yes, a lot of it was bad (I'm lookin' at you, deployments!), but so much of it was good.  I loved sharing that sense of adventure and excitement with you, especially around order pickin' time.  Getting to explore new places was a huge gift the Navy gave to both of us and it's something I'll be forever grateful for.

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, that chapter has been forced to come to an end.  I'm very sad about it, and I think you know that, but like I told you in the car yesterday, the best way for us to move forward with all of these changes is to think positively.  Moping will get us nowhere but feeling sorry for ourselves.  We have to change our outlook and focus on all of the wonderful things retirement will bring you.

For the first time in your adult life, literally the first time, you get to make choices for yourself without a tether.  Yes, that tether may in fact have been a lifeline for a long time, but I promise you, that is no longer the case.  You can and will thrive as a civilian!  The Navy has given you so much experience and knowledge in your field, which was another incredible gift, but now it is time for you to put your talents and brains to use elsewhere.  When you find your next job, they are going to be so lucky to have a person like you working for them.  You shine in so many situations and you will be proving your worth over and over and over again to them tenfold.  As long as you continue to carry your well-deserved confidence and "swagger" along from your Navy days, you will outshine everyone around you!

No matter what circumstances we go through, we will always be going through them together.  You're not alone in all of this.  I'll be whatever you need -- your rock, your confidant, your friend, your strength, your comfort (although I suspect a Therapy Schnauzer might offer better comfort sometimes).  I love you with all of my heart and I cannot wait to see all the wonderful things you achieve throughout your life!!!

Happy retirement day, Chawwie!!

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