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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Six for Saturday

1.  I had a fantastic vacation with you!  I think it really helped me destress and I had fun seeing the Big Island again :)

2.  I'm sorry last week was so frustrating.  Hopefully these orders get straightened out ASAP.

3.  I'm glad we splurged for something different for Thanksgiving.  It was very memorable, especially when we saw the manta rays!

4.  Man, sending the pups home was rough, but I do think they are pretty happy at their grandparents' house!  I am never flying them again, however.  Too stressful!

5.  We're almost done getting the house ready to go!  Crazy!

6.  I can't believe we met over 10 years ago now.  Insane!!

ily <3

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