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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Welcome to And Drink the Wild Air!

Hi everyone and welcome to my newly made over blog!  This little space on the web has changed from "The Landrum Wife" and is now known as "And Drink the Wild Air," a nod to the famous Ralph Waldo Emerson quote from his poem "Merlin's Song."  A few months ago, I alluded to this transition with this post, and I am proud to finally unveil the final product to you all!

Just like with my last blog redesign, I'd like to thank Beth Bradford for all of her hard work, patience, and valuable time helping me figure out this new transition.  She always seems to deliver exactly what I'm envisioning and is such a pleasure to work with.  If you ever need any help with your own blog design, I highly recommend working with her!

This is just the first of many changes that will be happening in the lives of the Landrums over the next few months and I feel like it's very appropriate to kick it off with a blog rename and redesign.  (Look for an upcoming post detailing some of the other changes here soon!)  I'm hoping now that my new name will reflect a bit more of my personal life philosophy as we open up the next chapter of our lives, and I am also hoping you all continue to join me for the ride :)

Until next time, aloha!  :)

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