Sunday, February 16, 2014

Seven for Sunday

1.  Thank you for taking over part of the driving when you feel up to it.  I really appreciate it, especially when you know how much I dislike driving!

2.  I'm so happy you were able to have a good time at the birthday party!

3.  I hope the plan we're setting in motion at home works out to our advantage.

4.  We've filled up on some good food so far, haven't we?  I miss it all!

5.  I'm so glad we got to go to Mardi Gras, woohoo!

6.  Thank you for my early Valentine's present last week! I love my Paperwhite :)

7.  I'm also glad we're working on a backup plan in case things don't go like we want them to.  But I have faith!

ily <3

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