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Monday, January 20, 2014

One Blog, One Tree

Did you know that each time someone browses the internet and clicks on a web page, CO2 gases are emitted?  It may seem strange, but it's true!  These emissions come from the energy consumption of computer servers and hardware.  According to one study by a Harvard physicist, a blog with an average amount of traffic can emit about 8 lbs of CO2 gases each year, so it's definitely obvious how this can be considered a significant issue after you tally up the number of blogs and websites out there!

I wanted to add pictures to this post, but since I didn't have anything terribly related, you get to see pictures of Hawaiian trees.  Here are some lovely coconut palms!

If it weren't for the folks over at Retale introducing me to their Green Gestures initiative, I certainly would not have become privy to this information, so I'm very happy they decided to contact me and share their story.  Retale is a company founded to digitally distribute local ads, fliers, and any other kind of paper product related to shopping in order to reduce paper waste and create a more sustainable way to shop.  Green Gestures, a campaign set forth by Retale, helps you get started on minimizing your impact on the environment by showing you how to opt out of unwanted paper junk mail, offering simple steps to help protect the environment, and encouraging bloggers to reduce their blog's carbon footprint, which is where I come in!

A gorgeous Rainbow Eucalyptus
In exchange for writing this blog post and helping to spread the word about website carbon emissions and the Green Gestures initiative, Green Gestures and its partner, the Arbor Day Foundation, will plant one tree in order to offset my blog's footprint.  This is definitely right up my alley, especially since we moved here to Hawaii.  My home state was never exactly energy or environment conscious, but Hawaii is very, very different from Alabama.  There's a saying in the Hawaiian language -- "malama ka 'aina", or "care for the land", and it's very obvious that residents here take these words to heart.  Conservation, recycling, electric cars, and green energy initiatives are causes that everyone happily gets behind, and really, who can blame anyone for wanting to protect such a beautiful and precious place?

And finally, my favorite of them all, a monkeypod tree -- well, half of one at least!
I really do believe that this is a great cause, so I'm more than happy to offer up my support and help contribute to the planting of more trees.  Hopefully you will decide to take action as well, whether it's through opting out of your unwanted junk mail, following simple tips to reduce your own footprint, or having a tree planted for your blog too!


  1. I knew this project in its original form, when it was only a German thing, but now that I have a new blog I will do this too! Glad I found your blog, it's really nice! ^^



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