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Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 Recap

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and weekend this year.  I know we certainly did!

I had to drive to the North Shore to pick up one of the turkeys...I never get tired of this view!
We were lucky enough to have dinner on Thanksgiving with some really awesome friends (definitely more like family!) out here since we couldn't be home for the holidays -- darn you pricey plane tickets!  And since we also knew that we would cook WAY too much food (we did have TWO turkeys, y'all) we were able to feed a bunch of single sailors a wonderful, home-cooked, Southern meal while we were at it :)  Some of them told us how they hadn't had a good, hot meal in forever, so we were definitely glad we could give them a nice holiday this year!

Fried turkey on top, brined turkey on bottom

Most of the Thanksgiving spread
And perhaps the best part of all?  All my shopping was done from the comfort of my own living room :)  I ventured out once in the early afternoon to Target, our local NEX, and Best Buy (to pick up an item bought online) and it was still a madhouse everywhere!  I'm definitely glad we weren't involved in the early morning ruckus.  I still have a little bit more shopping to do, but a good chunk is finished now, yay!

On Saturday, after being completely heartbroken from my football game (Mr. L, however, was ecstatic), we headed up to the northern part of the island with some friends to pick out our Christmas tree this year!  Since Oahu is so far away from the west coast, Christmas trees take a long time to get shipped in and consequently they die pretty quickly.  Plus they bring in non-native pests to the island which I didn't particularly want to deal with.  So we decided to check out a local farm, Helemano Farms, to have a freshly chopped Charlie Brown Christmas tree in our living room instead.

We found our tree!
We love it!  It's definitely not a typical Christmas tree (this one is a Norfolk Pine), but since this is probably our last Christmas on island, it seemed fitting to keep the artificial tree put up and have a wonderfully fresh Hawaiian Christmas tree this year.  I can't wait to get lights and ornaments on it today, and of course decorations up around the rest of the house!

All set up and ready to get decorated

Rearranged LoveSac to make room for the tree!
How did your Thanksgiving go this year?

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