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Friday, November 1, 2013

Two Year Hawaiian Anniversary

It's SO crazy for me to think about, but Mr. L and I have officially been living in Hawaii for two years now!

At Makapu'u Lookout, just a few days after moving here
I always thought the time would drag on sooo slowly because we'd be so far away from anything I'd ever known, but I can honestly say time is moving TOO fast.  We're going to start looking at orders soon, y'all.  I can't even fathom that right now!

Pyramid Rock beach on Marine Corps Base Hawaii
I think the holiday season has a lot to do with forcing time to speed up.  It always seems to be over in a flash, which makes me sad that 3+ months essentially slip through my fingers!  But then you can't really blame the holidays since they are so awesome.  :)

Fluffy little Liam during our first Hawaiian Christmas
I feel like we have way too much left to do and see here on Oahu and definitely the other islands.  We did get to see Maui last month (I'll be throwing up a couple of blog posts about it soon!), but there's so much left to check out!  And now so little time to do it!

Beautiful, beautiful Maui...I sure do miss it!
Mr. L and I are in sort of a strange situation right now (medical issues), so for all we know, we could actually end up staying here in Hawaii for another year if things go a certain way for him.  On one hand, that would be amazing (more time for everything!), but on the other hand, it would mean another year of not being close to our families and (possibly) another year of putting off kids.  There's just way too many unknowns right now and it's making my head spin!

Mr. L and I during his very first trip to the USS Arizona Memorial
It really is very weird for me to be in a situation where I don't want to leave Hawaii yet at all.  I came into this whole adventure expecting to never find a "home" other than Alabama, but I've really come to love this place.  It's pretty special, and although I know Hawaii will never be a permanent home for us, it's a freakin' fantastic temporary home.  I know that both Mr. L and I will look back on the years we've lived here and truly cherish all the experiences we were lucky enough to have.  Now I'm going to do my best to cram seeing every bit of this island and our neighbor islands into our last year here and make even more memories.  Wish us luck!

Love this view so much I included two pictures of it :)
Have you ever unexpectedly fallen in love with a new place?

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