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Monday, November 18, 2013

Guest Post: Hawaiian Waterfalls from Discover Hawaii Tours

Hey everyone!  Today's post is another from Nick over at Discover Hawaii Tours, but unlike last time, now he'll be talking about some of the best waterfalls as well as beaches Hawaii has to offer!  Take it away, Nick!  :)


Hawaii is most famously known for its beauty and scenery. With such a vast array of undisturbed nature and wildlife, there's nothing like taking the time to stop and admire everything here. With everything from beaches to rainforests with an amazing view, waterfalls and beaches of Hawaii are certainly no exception. There are just as many that exist in Hawaii, and not only in Oahu.

Oahu probably has some of Hawaii's best known beaches and waterfalls, and there are quite a few.  Even though there seems to be so many beaches, finding the best of them isn't usually a challenge. There are the famous ones, and there are those in lesser known areas that are still just as popular. Famous for their large waves and great surf spots you could stop by Waimea Bay or Sunset Beach down by the North Shore.

The waterfalls in Oahu are also very beautiful, and getting to most usually requires a hike in the rainforest, which it definitely an experience in itself. There are several  waterfall hikes such as the Waimea Falls Park, Manoa Falls (the closest to Waikiki), and the Kapena Falls, all of which lead to amazing waterfalls, some that you can even swim in (Waimea and Kapena in particular) if you wish. You can also see many parts of Oahu by taking a hike or a tour with companies such as Discover Hawaii Tours.

Manoa Falls on Oahu
On the Big Island, there are a couple of well known beaches, and there certainly isn't a shortage of waterfalls. You can visit ones such as Onekahakaha Beach Park near Hilo and Kahaluu Beach near Kona for example. You can also make a stop at the unique Punaluu Black Sand Beach as well.  You can stop by the Rainbow Falls, and at Akaka State Falls Park, you can see the Kahuna Falls and the Akaka Falls.

Maui has its own set of unique beaches and waterfalls that won't disappoint. Kapalua Beach, Kaanapali Beach, and Napili Bay are all good for relaxing and swimming. And like the Big Island, Maui also has its own black sand beach at Waianapapa State Park. Maui is also home to several waterfalls, such as the Waimoku Falls, and many can be accessed through trails and hikes.

Kapena Falls on Oahu
Molokai has many beaches of its own, however, keep in mind that some aren't the safest for swimming and snorkeling, so be safe and exercise caution. But that doesn't mean that there aren't any beaches you can go to -- the Dixie Maru (Kapuhakehu) Beach is one of them. This beach is usually fine for snorkeling and swimming, but in the winter months tends to have a larger surf. There is also the One Ali'i Beach Park where you can relax and take in the view. The Halawa Waterfall is probably Molokai's most beautiful, and you can take a tour and hike here in order to see it.

Lanai's beaches are also beautiful, but some are not as easily accessed. You can visit Hulopo'e Beach, one of Lanai's most popular beaches, where you can swim and snorkel. Though Lanai does not have many well known waterfalls, there are opportunities for hiking available that provide a great view.

Each island has many unique beaches of their own, as well as waterfalls; both of which display what is only a small part of many of the natural landmarks and nature that exist in Hawaii.


Do you have a favorite waterfall in Hawaii or elsewhere?

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