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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Guest Post: Best Hawaiian Beaches from Discover Hawaii Tours

Hey everyone!  Today I've got a guest post lined up for you from Nick over at Discover Hawaii Tours, which provides a wide range of guided tours and activities for the Hawaiian islands.  He's going to tell you all about some of the best beaches we have here in Hawaii, so I'll let him get straight to it!  :)


Going to the beach while you're in Hawaii is a classic thing to do. No matter what island you're staying on, or which island you're going to, there is going to be a beach somewhere. The best beaches are all over the islands, and with so many to go to, you can even make a stop by a few popular spots if you're nearby. Because Hawaii is so large, each island has many of its own unique beaches. Many of them are beautiful and provide a stunning view, while others are great for swimming at or snorkeling.

Oahu, being one of Hawaii's most visited islands, probably has some of the most well known beaches as well. There are quite a few beaches on each side of the island, including ones on the North Shore, South Shore, Leeward and Windward side. The North Shore has Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay, the South Shore has Waimanalo Beach Park and Hanauma Bay, while the beautiful Lanikai and Kailua beaches are on the Eastward side of the island, and beaches on the West side include Yokohama Bay and the Ko Olina resort.  Or even just take a Circle Island Tour and see tons of beaches and sights.

The Big Island has many great locations for swimming and snorkeling, and many of them are absolutely stunning. There are many great ones to stop by and take a swim at, such as Onekahakaha Beach Park, located near Hilo, and Kahaluu Beach, located near Kona, to name some. The Big Island also has some very unique black sand beaches that you can visit.

On Maui you will also find many wonderful beaches. There is Kaanapali Beach, Kamaole Beach Parks, and Wailea Beach, for example. Like the Big Island, Maui also has a black sand beach of its own as well, located at Waianapapa State Park.

Molokai also has many beautiful beaches, but take note that not all of them are the safest for snorkeling or swimming. That doesn't mean that there aren't any beaches you can swim at, though. Just be sure to exercise caution and be mindful of any warnings, as should be done at any beach. The Dixie Maru (Kapuhakehu) Beach and the One Ali'i Beach Park are both good beaches to go to.

There are also a few beaches on Lanai, though some of them aren't the easiest to access. Getting to other beaches may require 4 wheel transportation, such as getting to Polihua Beach, for example. There is also Hulopoe Beach Park, probably the easiest and most popular beach to get to.

Hawaii is home to many amazing and beautiful beaches.  Being sure to use caution when necessary, taking some sunscreen with you, and enjoying yourself are really the only things that are required when you go to the beach in Hawaii, as what could be better than spending a day swimming and relaxing, after all?  If you really want something thought free, check out Discover Hawaii Tours for a ton of different tours and adventures!  Nonetheless, make your stay in Hawaii a memorable one!


If you've visited the islands before, what was your favorite beach?

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