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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Photo-a-Day OIC - Week 2

It's the end of week two of the Photo-a-Day October Instagram Challenge!  Check out my pics below:

Day 6 - Your View Today

You've got to love it when you have a gorgeous view of the island of Lanai staring at you!

Day 7 - Health

Stunning mountain views are definitely good for your health!

Day 8 - How You Sweat

Strapping on my running shoes and hitting the pavement has been a favorite workout of mine recently.

Day 9 - Pantry

Sorry for the disorganization, yikes!

Day 10 - Drink

Ice makers = heaven.  And Roll Tide!

Day 11 - Pumpkins

Target felt pumpkin coasters are adorable.

Day 12 - Feeds Your Soul

These guys make me too happy.

Feel like participating in this photo challenge?  Join me over on Instagram, and don't forget to tag your photos with #fallfavorites and #sparkpeople!

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