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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oahu Bucket List

Last week, Mr. L and I got to talking, and we realized that we hadn't been doing as much exploring of our beautiful island as we would have liked.  Thanks to his crazy work and deployment schedule, he isn't around very often, and when he is home we're guilty of just cuddling on the couch in our living room and catching up on our favorite TV shows.

Was or is anybody else obsessed with BSG like we are?! (source)
We knew that in all honesty, we only have a very limited amount of time left on island (not to mention limited time to explore the other islands, ahh!), and in order to make the most of it we have to decide which things we want to do while we still live here.  To remedy our situation, we decided to create an ultimate "Oahu Bucket List" and pick one activity from the list to do each weekend that Mr. L and I are both here.  I printed out each activity we chose, folded it up, and threw it in a little container for safekeeping.  The plan is to pick from our bucket each weekend that Mr. L and I are both here and do whatever we have written.

We've got quite a few things on our list already (plenty to finish out the rest of the weekends in the year) and I'm so excited to get started since many of them we've never done before.  We'll probably choose each activity early on in the week since some of them require planning.  For example, we went ahead and chose this weekend's activity yesterday, and there is a little pre-planning involved since we have to wake up before dawn!

We're going to catch a sunrise on Lanikai Beach (easily one of our favorite things to do, as I've mentioned before!), grab some breakfast at a local spot, and spend the rest of the morning frolicking in the beautiful waters and relaxing.  I am SO looking forward to it!

What are your weekend plans?  Do you have some kind of bucket list for where you currently live?


  1. I've been wanting to do a sunrise somewhere, but shockingly, my kids aren't as into the idea! This one may have to wait until my husband is home and I can sneak off with a girlfriend!

    1. Haha, I guess you can't really blame them! I want to try a sunrise from Makapu'u at one point, I bet it's gorgeous. And by the way, I love reading about all the activities you've been doing with your kids! It sounds like they're having a wonderful spring break!

  2. Shawn and I were obsessed with BSG for about a week or so straight haha! But now the internet in our xbox is all wonky so we can't watch anymore.

    I love your bucket list idea!! I pretty much came up with our date night jar a few months after we came back from our trip with you guys because we don't do as much Colorado stuff as I like, and we live here for Pete's sake haha! We pick one once a month, but I like that yours is once a week (especially since you will be leaving eventually). =]

    1. We JUST finished BSG last night -- took us like seven months total haha. It was a crazy show! And it was your date night jar that gave me the idea! We had to change it to once a week though because we have a limited number of weekends left, especially when you throw deployments and island hopping into the mix!



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