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Saturday, May 5, 2012

And it Comes Back to Us: I'm Boba the Fett

Finally, after spending about an hour dealing with family and couples portraits, it was time for me to reveal my final wedding surprise to Mr. L!  (FYI, I'm pretty stoked that this post has happened to fall on Star Wars Day -- May the Fourth be with you, everyone!)

We walked through the back of the house (the cake was positioned in the front room) and I prepped him on what he was about to see.  And by prep him I mean I told him nothing and then whipped out my little blue iPod Nano.  After pressing play this song filled the room:

(FYI - it's kind of NSFW, so don't blare it!)

And then I let him look around the corner!

Oh yes, ladies and gents -- I was somehow able to convince my baker, a little old lady who probably thought I was completely nuts the day I proposed the idea to her, to make Boba Fett's helmet as Mr. L's groom's cake.  (Luckily we thought ahead and figured she'd have NO clue what it was, so we brought pictures and even a little plastic Boba Fett toy to show her what we wanted).  Mr. L was beyond thrilled!  He admired his cake...

...and bobbed his head to the music that was still playing from my iPod.

You can't really see it here, but yes, he's bobbing away!
You see, Mr. L has been a longtime fan of Boba Fett (in particular, Boba Fett's race, the Mandalorians) for as long as he can probably remember.  My nickname for him is my "Knight in Shining Mandalorian Armor" (he actually signed his wedding day letter to me with the phrase) and I once gifted him a bronze mythosaurus skull pendant (it's the Mandalorian symbol) that was supposed to be his wedding gift but I was way too excited to wait eight months to give it to him, haha.  He even has a "group" he calls the Mandalorian brotherhood with a few of his closest friends.  To say he is a fan...well, that would be an understatement!  (I apologize for all the nerdiness that just came out of my mouth, haha).

So my awesome surprise earned me a kiss, and we gathered ourselves to make our big entrance to the reception portion of the wedding as husband and wife!


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  1. Ah! Such an awesome mando love cake! :) mr. L is a lucky man :)

    1. Isn't it though?! I still love looking at pictures of it, haha. Brightens my day!



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