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Friday, October 14, 2011

October Photo Challenge: Day 14 - Eyes

Since Mr. L and I are leaving today to see some wonderful friends of ours (and to go to the Auburn-Florida football game!), I wasn't able to retake a picture of my nephew and add much more detail like I wanted to.  So!  Here is another one I took about a month ago, right after my SIL's pseudo-maternity session I photographed.  I will definitely be editing this post with an updated picture as soon as I can, however!

I just love his eyes so much!  They're gorgeous.  I definitely wish I'd gotten it in better lighting though (or owned a better flash haha), but I know what to do better next time at least!  =)


If you're interested in joining up with the 30 Day October Photo Challenge, check out this post and leave a comment to sign up.  Then check out the group Flickr page, join up, and add your pictures there too!

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