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Monday, June 27, 2011

What’s Been Going On? Well, I’ll Tell You!

Since it’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned anything more about our upcoming PCS, I figured it was time to give some sort of update on the situation. Finally, after months of waiting and built up anticipation, we are finally beginning the long process of moving to Hawaii!

I'm pretty sure any mention of this beautiful state shall now include beautiful pictures to go along with it!

We have about one month left here in Pensacola before the movers come and box up my and Mr. L’s little life together. Then Buck will be off to Maryland for training while I wait (not-so-patiently!) for him to return. After about a month of leave (pretty much all of October) in which we finish prepping and of course saying goodbye to family, we will be on our way to Honolulu!
I am pretty much still very excited; I’m definitely ready to get going, just like I was months ago haha. I think it’s going to be a really awesome chapter in our lives, and I’m ready for the experience for sure. I’m so nervous about the move though just because there’s still so much I don’t know about a PCS. Hopefully when this is all over I’ll be an expert and I’ll be able to help other wives lost in the dark!
I do know, and I’ve already informed Mr. L of this of course, that one of the very first things we’ll be doing once we get to Hawaii (and check in and all of that other mess of course!) is a helicopter ride over the island of Oahu. We most likely will not have Liam yet, especially before we are out of the hotel lodge and into base housing, so it would be a great opportunity to relax and have some fun. The tours can be expensive, but I’m willing to bet it will be a fabulous way for us to be introduced to this island we’ll be calling home.

We are SO taking a helicopter ride on the Big Island just for amazing views of the volcano!
One company I’m looking at is Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, mainly because I saw them on a Samantha Brown episode, lol. I’ll probably check out the competition though, just to compare and contrast the rides and prices =)

Other than prepping for our big move, we’ve been pretty chill around the Landrum pad. We’re still heading to our hometown most weekends, especially lately since Mr. L’s birthday was just this past weekend (Happy birthday again, my love!). We’re really just trying to squeeze in as much family time as possible.
And I just realized I haven’t really mentioned anything at all about Liam – shame on me! He’s doing wonderfully and fitting in very nicely in our little family. He’s very intelligent, rambunctious, and sweet, and we already love him to death. He’ll be nineteen weeks old at the end of this week, so he’s definitely still in his puppy stage.

Little Liam (who's just over 11 pounds now!) looking tired and cute :)
We’ve completed his rabies vaccinations, and now we’re just waiting to start on the OIE-FAVN blood test so we can officially begin his 120 day quarantine period. I am SO ready to be done with this Hawaii quarantine mess – it’s such a complication and has been the source of multiple migraines.
We’ve also enrolled Liam in an obedience class at Leading Edge Obedience, just north of Pensacola in Cantonment, FL. He’s learning a lot, as am I, and I really do believe it’s helping his behavior so much.
There’s a quick update for you all, and I’m sure I’ll be back soon to update more on other events coming up, like Mr. L’s reenlistment ceremony in mid-July. So stay tuned! ;)


P.S. -- I’ve recently done some rearranging with my other blog, Life as a Landrum Wife in Hawaii, which means that I’ve switched hosts. For various reasons, I’ve decided to try out Blogger this go around, so I won’t be using the Wordpress site I linked earlier in the year. Please make sure you change any bookmarks to the new address below:

Thanks so much! =)

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