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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Navy Update!

Finally, we have some more news regarding our next duty station!  Mr. L found out  information this morning that alters some of the so-called "plans" we thought would be implemented throughout the year.  Originally, we believed he would be doing some extra schooling here in Pensacola, then he would possibly go off to Denver for some more training and then we'd finally end up in Hawaii.  Unbeknowst to us, other plans were in the works!

Now, according to what he found out today, Mr. L will probably be getting his hard copy orders in May or June of this year, and he will be officially leaving Pensacola in July and then heading to a base in Maryland to take the extra schooling we thought would happen in Pensacola.  After a little over two months, we should be on our way to Hawaii!  The Navy won't pay for me to tag along with him to Maryland, so I'll be moving back in with my parents for the time being.

Honestly?  I think this news borders more on the good side than bad.  I'm just really happy to be that much closer to knowing exactly what will be happening to us this year.  It's nice to get some solid answers from his detailer, the person that handles his orders and actually has a pretty good idea of where he and I will most likely be shipped.  It's starting to give me some peace of mind, if that's even possible when you're married to the military ;)

I am disappointed that we will not be going to Denver, mainly because I was excited about getting to see some old friends.  But I'll get to see friends in Maryland too, so it isn't such a bad thing at all.  Plus, I've never been that far north, so to be honest I'm kind of excited to get up there (particularly in the summer, yay for no snow!) and explore the area when I fly up to visit Mr. L.

This also means I maybe-possibly-might be revisiting an idea in one of my early posts, but those plans are for next time, I think.  :)  That's all for now, and hopefully soon I'll have more news to share!

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