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Friday, December 3, 2010

Hello December!

So nice to see you again, you wonderful month, you!

So far Mr. L and I have actually gotten a tree and some decorations up!  It all looks so pretty and I'm definitely getting in the mood for Christmas now.

Reindeer Mr. L's mother made!
Mr. L's work of art
Yay presents!
So cute, I love it!
My and Mr. L's first Christmas ornament while we were dating.  It's been almost six years now!
Also, speaking of Christmas, I got my amazingly wonderful and awesome Christmas/birthday combination gift from Mr. L today:

It's a Sony NEX-3 compact system camera -- it has lenses like a DSLR (they're interchangeable) and a body as compact as a regular point and shoot!

I'm in love with it so far, but I had to stop taking pictures of our decorations earlier and finish charging the battery, so now I'm impatiently waiting to break it out once more!

I'm super impressed with the low light quality (all of the above pictures were only lit by the tree and decorations) and I can't wait to take some beautiful scenery pictures outside in the daytime.  This camera is going to come in handy when we get to Hawaii for sure :)

I hope you all enjoy your last month of 2010; I sure am so far!

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