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Friday, August 20, 2010

Paradise: Should we or shouldn't we?

Since Mr. L is up in Charleston this week, he's had ample time to hang out with his master chief and see the sights of Charleston.  One of the times they were out for dinner, they had a conversation involving Mr. L's future in the Navy.  Essentially, he got some insight from his master chief that he wasn't exactly expecting.

For a while now, we've figured that for our next duty station, we'll have three or so places to choose from.  Those places are Augusta, Georgia, San Antonio, Texas, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and maybe Ft. Meade, Maryland, but at this point in the game, probably not.  We've been leaning towards Georgia or Texas for the past couple of months.  But Mr. L's master chief said that if Mr. L wants to make the best career move, then Hawaii is the only place he needs to go to.

Who wouldn't want to live there?!
His chief told him this because, since Mr. L has already been stationed at Georgia, he essentially wouldn't get new experience there, and there's not much at all for him in San Antonio.  This was definitely kind of a shock for me to digest at first seeing as how Hawaii has been number three on our list.

I've been looking around at housing options, and of course browsing through gorgeous pictures like the one above, and I'm starting to warm up to the idea.  I'm not, however, warming up to the "thousands of miles away from home" thing, or the "thousands of dollars to get BACK home" thing either!  It's such a huge decision!  On one hand, I want to stay near the comfort of my family, but on the other hand, I feel that if we say no to this opportunity, we'll miss out on three amazing years and end up regretting it.

We've still yet to seriously talk about it since he won't be home until tomorrow, but we're both adjusting to the idea, I think.  It could definitely end up being one wild ride.  So until a continuation of this post, I'll leave you with more "OMG THIS PLACE IS FREAKING GORGEOUS" gratuitous pics ;)

Can you say VOLCANO!
What a beautiful way to end the day...and this post!

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