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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Yeah, It's Been A While...

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I've blogged over here!  Truth be told, it's slipped out of the forefront of my life ever since we moved to Virginia Beach.  Things have been a bit more hectic here on the mainland, especially since I started doing more work with my job and taking on politically motivated volunteer roles in my community.  And, of course, I'll soon have another title to add to my resume -- Mom!

After a journey of almost a year and a half of questioning, wondering, waiting, working with my doctor, and dealing with a depressing diagnosis of PCOS, Mr. L and I were finally thrilled to learn we were expecting a little Landrum baby in the summer of 2017.  It had been a long process, and we are just over the moon that it finally happened for us!

2016 was a big year for us in other ways.  We did a ton of traveling (maybe we knew to go ahead and do that while we still could, haha), including to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Sacramento, California and Yosemite National Park, Shenandoah National Park (What?  We had to celebrate the NPS's Centennial of course!), and then back to Alabama for Christmas where we were able to find out our baby's gender together with our immediate families.  It was a whirlwind for sure, but the memories we made are something I will always cherish!

A photo posted by Erica (@anddrinkthewildair) on

A photo posted by Erica (@anddrinkthewildair) on

We also did pull the trigger and purchase our first home!  Home ownership has been a crazy, eye-opening, and expensive journey so far.  We remodeled a bathroom, flooded another bathroom (ugh), dealt with home insurance and home warranties, had our street completely flood TWICE so far, and experienced snow for the first time in our house!  Slowly but surely we've put our stamp on this house, and even though I've still got a lot left to do, including some painting, I'm happy with what we've accomplished so far.

A photo posted by Erica (@anddrinkthewildair) on

I'm hoping that I'll be throwing up some new Getting to Know Hawaii travel posts here soon.  It'll be fun to look back at the memories we made there over two years ago now and plus it's something I'd like to get done before baby gets here.  I have a few more Oahu posts to do plus all of the things we did in Kauai!  So cross your fingers and toes that I get those completed and out of the way, and then I can move on to some Virginia, California, and other places we saw in 2016.  Either way I've still got plenty to eventually talk about, so definitely stick around!  :)

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